Plastic Free July 2018: Imperfectly Zero Waste

Plastic Free July ended yesterday. I ended it with a bang by visiting our region’s recycling facility – I was so curious to know what exactly gets recycled and what goes to the landfill, so look out for a blog post all about that! It does not feel like a month has gone by. ProbablyContinue reading “Plastic Free July 2018: Imperfectly Zero Waste”

Plastic Free July 2018: The Cheese Dilemma

Oh for the love of cheese! All I want is cheese, good ol’ fashioned not wrapped in plastic cheese, is that so much to ask????? Oh, and can it not cost a million dollars? Maybe this is too much to ask during Plastic Free July, and perhaps I should just abstain from cheese for theContinue reading “Plastic Free July 2018: The Cheese Dilemma”

Plastic Free July 2018: Grocery Shopping

Day #8 of Plastic Free July was my first grocery shopping trip and what did I learn? Thank you Lord for Bulk Barn! No, seriously, they have everything, and they allow you to bring your own containers! Shopping Prior to Plastic Free July A typical shopping trip in the past is sometimes going to BulkContinue reading “Plastic Free July 2018: Grocery Shopping”

Plastic Free July 2018: Plastic Emergencies

Well, it’s day 7 of Plastic Free July, and here’s an update. I’d like to say that we have been 100% on goal and have not bought plastic at all. But unfortunately i cannot say that. Day 3 my son ran a super high fever and we took him to the hospital (he’s fine now,Continue reading “Plastic Free July 2018: Plastic Emergencies”

Breaking Free From Plastic: Can it be Done?

Happy Canada Day! AND Happy 1st day of Plastic Free July! My husband and I decided to participate this year in Plastic Free July! We would love to eventually live zero waste, so this is our way of jumping in to see how it goes. During the month of July we are committed to goingContinue reading “Breaking Free From Plastic: Can it be Done?”